Poster Session

P01- ROHIA et al – (Finland) – Characterizing lake DOM across boreal and arctic landscapes

P02- ROYER et al – (France) – Error analysis of low-rank three-way tensor factorization approach to blind source separation

P03- ASSAAD et al – (France) – Characterization of dissolved organic matter in industrial rivers

P04 – GUIGUE et al – (France) – The use of 3D-Fluorescence and potential biodegradability for the comparison of extraction procedures of water-extractable organic matter in soils

P05 – GADIO et al – (France) – Organic matter sources by Time-Resolved Spectra

P06 – DAOUK et al – (Switzerland) – Multiple interactions between the herbicide glyphosate, dissolved organic matter (DOM) and copper in a vineyard environment assessed with UV/Vis fluorescence spectroscopy

P07 – GUYOT et al – (France) – The Triplet States of Dissolved Organic Matter observed by Phosphorescence Spectroscopy at 77 K

P08 – CHIRANJEEVULU et al – (India) – Diel changes of dissolved fluorescence related to microbial activity in the tropical western Bay of Bengal.

P09 -COELHO et al – (France)- Assessing oxydation mechanisms of wine phenolic compounds via fluorescence signatures of composted winery organic matter.

P10 – GAGNE et al – (Canada) – Extraction préparative de substances humiques marines dissoutes des eaux de l’estuaire du Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada

P11 – GIOVANELA et al – (Brasil) -Fluorescence characteristics of aquatic fulvic and humic acids from varied origins as viewed by excitation/emission matrix (EEM) spectroscopy

P12 -GUO et al – (France) – Optical properties of dissolved organic matter in the Seine river catchment (France).

P13 – GUO et al – (China) – DOM in groundwater_coastal Dagu River watershed